Damn fast technology,
with a splash of style.

What We Offer

Web Services

Flexible, decoupled and responsive systems, ontop of the world's most bulletproof computing platform.

Web APIs

Platform agnostic and independent. Designed and architected to power any and every incarnation.

Education and Training

Knowledge, distilled from real world experience, lovingly prepared for thirsty and inquisitive minds.

North Of Summer is...

An intentionally small web development shop, precisely focused on building obscenely fast and robust backend servers for the next generation of web apps.

Hyper Focused

The world has enough generalist web development shops.
It is not our aim, and not our style to try to outcompete in a crowded marketplace.

We are here to do something different.

You probably noticed that the internet is plagued by slow load times, intermittent service, spinning status bars and all that jazz.

Maybe you've grown used to the frustration. We have not. The internet is broken.

So here's what we are doing about it.

We build our backend technology exclusively in Elixir, because we believe that it is the future. Elixir lives in the Erlang ecosystem - a battle hardened telecom platform with decades of proven reliability. Erlang is distributed by design, and that means that horizontal scalability is automagic. It is also fault tolerant, which means resilence is a feature, not an afterthought.

We build the technology that nobody else can.

Highly scalable, distributed, 99.9999999% (that's nine nines) reliable,
wickedly fast servers. That is power on demand.

Less talk. More rock.

Our Manifesto

Build the Future

The future is the cumulative result of our collective actions.

Technology is a bridge for manifesting the vision of a better world.

Design for Endurance

In a world that glorifies the disposable, we are determined to build things that last.

See 'tomorrow' as a world that endures, not as a world in decline.

Empower and Inspire

Many people focused on a common goal can change the world.

Educate and enable communities of visionary thinkers.

Hello, chief.
Let's talk, why not?